Here you will find a collection of my experiences on topics ranging from music and films to hiking and kayaking, cooking and camping to Law Enforcement and beyond. But the main component of this blog will be excerpts from my as yet unpublished memoir detailing my twenty year career with the Baltimore City Police Department. The previous post PROLOGUE, is the first such excerpt. There will be many more to follow.

In my time with the BPD, I worked as a Patrol Officer for four years, a Detective for eight, and finally as a Sergeant for the final eight years of my career. I handled calls for every kind of crime imaginable. I investigated both physical and sexual child abuse cases, rape cases, non-fatal shootings, aggravated assaults, burglaries, robberies and more. I can honestly say that I have dealt with every kind of crime that humans can perpetrate on one another, with the (thankful) exception of an active shooter in a school. I’ve also worked in every single district of the city of Baltimore at one point or another. That makes me one of a very select few people that can say they’ve worked every corner, every alley and every street of  the City The Bleeds.

I’ve done much more than that in my lifetime. I’ve played drums in a band, performed live, made friends, traveled, written short stories and more. And I will detail all of it in this Blog. So check back often and feel free to leave a comment on anything you read here. The motto here is INVESTIGATION CONTINUING… because life is a constant investigation. And that’s exactly what we will continue to do.